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  • American Standard Version (1901)
  • Amplified Bible
  • The Apostle's Bible
  • Catholic Public Domain Version (public domain)
  • Challoner Douay-Rheims (at
  • Challoner Douay-Rheims (public domain)
  • (dozens of versions/languages)
  • International Standard Version
  • King James Version (
  • King James Version (
  • NET Bible
  • New American Bible Revised Edition (USCCB)
  • New American Standard Bible
  • New American Bible (
  • New International Version
  • New Jerusalem Bible
  • New Revised Standard Version
  • New Revised Standard Version (search)
  • New Jerusalem Bible
  • Revised Standard Version
  • Rheims New Testament (1582)
  • Today's New International Version
  • World English Bible (public domain)
  • John Wyclif's Bible
  • Young's Literal Translation
  • English Hexapla - six english versions plus greek

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  • Bible Gateway
  • CCEL Bible Version Browser
  • International Bible Society
  • Online Parallel Bible
  • Study Bible Forum
  • Unbound Bible

  • Online Bible Versions in Latin: 
    (Some versions listed below may be copyrighted) 
  • Non-Vulgate Latin Bible (Beuron/Stuttgart)
  • Vulgatae Editionis, Sixti V et Clementis VIII (public domain)
  • Vulgatae Editionis, Sixti V et Clementis VIII (public domain)

    Online Bible Versions in Other Languages: 
    Hebrew Interlinear
    Greek Interlinear
    Peshitta Aramaic/English Interlinear NT
    Greek Septuagint OT (in progress)
    The Byzantine Majority Text of the Greek NT (in progress)

    Bible Downloads: 
  • The Original Douay Rheims Bible - as PDF download, or on CD-ROM, or in print
  • CPDV in Kindle format (.mobi)
  • CPDV in PDF format (8.5" x 11")
  • CPDV in PDF format (A4 size)
  • CPDV for theWord Bible software program: in Zip format or 7z format

    Select Bible Resources: 
  • Dimock translation - A Modern Version of the Douay-Rheims New Testament (also called "One More Bible Translation" and "One More Version")
  • Ecclesiastical Latin - Latin Bibles and resources
  • Bible Researcher (insightful articles)
  • Article against the inclusive language approach
  • Vatican Norms for Bible Translation
  • Vetus Latina (work on Old Latin Bible texts)
  • Guide to Vulgate on-line (R. A. Kraft)
  • Old Testament Bible Statistics
  • New Testament Bible Statistics
  • Nicholas King, S.J. translation

    File Downloads: 
    MS-Word Latin Spell Check Dictionary File:
  • LatinBibleSpellCheck.dic
    (all the words in the Clementine Latin Vulgate,
    a total of 50,688 word forms,
    including words spelled with/without: , , , j.)

    Latin Translation Resources: 
  • Latin English Dictionary (print) - complete dictionary of the Latin language
  • Words by William Whitaker - online Latin-English dictionary program
  • Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid
  • Latin Noun Declensions
  • online dictionary and thesaurus