Help | Biblia Sacra, Vulgatę Editionis, Anno 1861

Technical Information
  1. You may download a copy of this electronic version of the Bible. Place it on your own web site or just use it off-line on your computer. There is no copyright or other restrictions on the use, printing, and distribution of this version of the Bible. Neither are their any copyrights or other restrictions on the use of the image, HTML, and other files associated with this version of the Bible. Any number of adjustments or changes can be made to these files, to change the look of the pages. This work is in the public domain. Any altered versions of this work must remain in the public domain.

  2. The text-style2.css file controls the look of every web page in this work, except the Table of Contents start page. Adjusting this file is easy to do with any plain text editor. The file format follows the Cascading Style Sheets format. Look it up.

  3. The index.htm file is the main Table of Contents start page for the Bible. It is optimized for browser windows of almost any size. The text-style1.css file controls the look of the main Table of Contents (index.htm) file for the Bible.

  4. The parchment.gif file is the background image for all the pages of the site. To change to a new background image, find a new image you like of the right size. Rename the parchment.gif file to something like parchment-original.gif and then rename the new image as parchment.gif. Place the new image in the same folder as the other files.

  5. Each of the files for the books of the Bible are named by the following convention:   The first two letters indicate New Testament (NT) or Old Testament (VT, after the Latin). The next two numbers indicate the number of the book in each Testament. Old and New Testament books are numbered according to their order in this version of the Bible. This order agrees with the order of the books given by the Council of Trent. The New Testament books depart slightly from the order given at Trent in that James is placed before Peter, rather than after John. Finally, the name of the book is given, sometimes in abbreviated form. Examples: VT-25_Sapientia.htm   NT-05_Actus.htm

  6. To make this online version of the Bible, the 1861 Vercellone edition of the Latin Vulgate Bible was purchased from a rare book dealer, photographed, and then cut up into individual pages. Each page of this rare edition of the Bible was then scanned and saved as an image file, in jpeg format. This one copy of the Bible was cut up, so that many persons could have access to this edition of the Bible.

  7. The main index page lists the books of the Bible. Each book of the Bible has its own index page, which lists the image files by page number, and also lists the chapter numbers found on that page. There are 24 pages, numbered _01-PaginaInscriptio.jpg to _24-Praefatio.jpg, and 840 pages, numbered 001-Genesis.jpg to 840-Reimprimatur.jpg, including scans of any blank pages (vacuae paginae). There are ten additional images, some photos and some scans, of the exterior of the book and of the inside pages at the beginning and end of the book. The total size of this electronic work is less than 300 MB.

  8. This work is in the public domain and may be freely distributed, but it must remain in the public domain.

May God be ever blessed.